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FlyBrainLab is an interactive computing platform for studying the function of executable circuits constructed from fruit fly brain data. FlyBrainLab is designed with three main capabilities in mind: (i) 3D exploration and visualization of fruit fly brain data, (ii) creation of executable circuits directly from the explored and visualized fly brain data, and (iii) interactive exploration of the functional logic of the devised executable circuits.

Installing FlyBrainLab

FlyBrainLab UI runs in your browser and officially supports Ubuntu, MacOS and Windows. Installation instructions for FlyBrainLab are available in our GitHub repository.

Documentation and Tutorials

FlyBrainLab includes a curated collection of tutorials and other resources on FlyBrainLab covering the capabilities of the platform such as querying and visualizing morphology data and analyzing visualized circuits.


FlyBrainLab includes a few publicly available datasets for adult and larval Drosophila in the NeuroArch database for easy accessibility. Users can also load and use custom datasets with their local FlyBrainLab installations.


The FlyBrainLab Wiki contains a collection of information on common issues associated with FlyBrainLab, and details on how to contact the developers for help.